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Appliance Business Leases in Palmerston North

Have all the latest gear for your business without the cash outlay and worry about repairs and breakdowns. Leasing has become a more attractive option due to the decrease longevity of appliances. We specialise in the commercial leasing of LCD TV’s audio, white ware, computers, furniture and office equipment. 

The advantages of leasing are:

No Initial capital outlay
Free up valuable working capital for more profitable use in your business while at the same time leasing the latest TV’s Audio , Whiteware furniture
Tax Advantages
Your lease equipment is tax deductible
All servicing and maintenance
Full maintenance and replacement products are included in your operating lease, if needed
Delivery and installation
You don’t have to worry about delivery and setup. We do it all for you
Cash Flow
Monthly payments designed to smooth your business cash flow
Off Balance sheet financing
Lease payments are treated as an expense, making your equipment simply a cost of running the business rather than a depreciating asset
Upgrade on renewal as technology improves or continue with the existing equipment at a reduced rate

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Appliances and equipments for rent in shop in Palmerston North, NZ
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